Screed Systems

The traditional System with a modern touch- The Fast Fit Screed System

The Fast Fit Screed System incorporates a traditional screed system with a modern touch.

We put the insulation sheets through CNC, marking the pipe runs onto the boards. These are numbered and correspond to the panels on the plans. These are then laid on site, with a clear DPM laid over the top. The DPM allows you to see the pipe runs but also de-couples the liquid screed from the aluminium of the insulation. Installation is then as simple as following the pipe runs and clipping the pipe with staples as you go. This system insures consistent and accurate pipe spacings, thus maximising the system's efficiency.

The fact that the boards are already marked with the pipe runs reduces installation time on-site and provides further cost savings to the end-user.

The end-user can be reassured that their investment in their new underfloor heating system will be as efficient as possible.