Flooring Design

Fast Fit Heated Flooring has a bespoke pipe layout for your home, designed by our AutoCAD specialist, who has over 20 years of experience in underfloor heating design. This gives us the ability to achieve maximum efficiency from your floor. It can be used with conventional heating methods and alternative energy sources, now being preferred by the Government to heat your home.

The product consists of tongue and groove boards, 2400mm x 600mm as standard flooring, and a pre-engineered slot to accommodate 16mm pipe with a range of pipe centres to suit boilers and heat pumps. We can also manufacture the floor with more than one pipe centre, enabling more heat loss areas.

The boards are completely covered in a formed aluminium plate layer, enabling the pipe to dissipate the heat evenly and effectively. Fast fit has a complete pipe layout where only one route is available, so installation is a breeze .. the route also optimises efficiency in your house with its layout and design.

As the product is the floor, there is no need to worry about floor height gain. However, this often causes excess work on installation due to reducing door heights or floor alignment with other rooms.

The design incorporates a top layer of plywood marked with a CNC groove to identify the position of the pipe running underneath. This is an excellent feature for safety and future pipe position reference. We feel this is a must in carpeted bedrooms, where wardrobes might need to be secured to the floor.

Fast Fit Heated Flooring install time is massively reduced compared to all other products. This is possible due to around 80% of the work being done at our workshop from a set of drawings and delivering the floor in a 'kit form' with much of the work already complete.

Also, because of the design, it is possible to continue to heat your home with your standard system whilst installing the heated floor, disconnecting at the point of the flow connection change over to your boiler or energy source; this makes it comfortable to install any time of year.

Going Greener

Improve your homes energy efficiency rating by lowering boiler temperature & delivering even radiant heat.

Run the system with an alternative energy source such as a Ground Heat Pump or Solar Energy.

Operating your Underfloor Heating System with Green Energy sources can save you £££.

Flooring Applications

Fast Fit Heated Flooring

FFHF can be used with all market-leading pipes, manifolds and systems, and if you are unfamiliar with these products, they mostly come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, it is possible to adjust the temperature of every room individually, set it to different temperatures from your phone or tablet and even go high tech with Touchpad controllers in individual rooms.

Single Room To Every Room

You can have the flooring throughout your house in all rooms or just a single room... It's very common for our customers to want FFHF just in their bathroom. Nobody likes getting out of a bath onto cold tiles!

 Often when renovating your bathroom, the suite is being relocated in a different position, so taking up your floor and carrying out necessary work whilst the floor is up, then laying the new floor after, makes the job a lot easier. Especially if the room underneath is decorated and water leaks from struggling between floorboards could cause damage below. 

New Build

Fast Fit Heated Flooring is a perfect product for new builds. The design and production of the floor can be produced from the builders/architects' drawings before the point when needed. 

 Discussions with the owner can take place to maximise efficiency. FFHF can be made ready to be delivered on a selected day.

 As the product actually is the floor, the time and cost of installing the standard floor can be offset against the cost of the heated floor.       

Existing Properties

Fast Fit Heated Flooring is one of the easiest and least disruptive ways to install underfloor heating in your existing home. Due to its design and 80% build completion 'offsite', install time is of a minimum. It can either be laid over solid floors and floorboards, or if the height raised upstairs is an issue, remove floorboards and lay a new floor. 

It also has a bonus that no additional routing or sawing is involved or needed, like many other products on the market, keeping dust in your living space to again, a minimum.

Listed Buildings

When renovating, listed buildings can become an application nightmare and very time-consuming. If the floor is part of the listing and cannot be changed, it may not fit your new decoration. If this is the case, Fast Fit Heated Flooring may be able to help. It can be laid as a subfloor over the top, not affecting the original and could be removed at any time, keeping you and the planners happy.


Due to its design, it can be installed very quickly, making it possible to empty your garage, lay the floor and re-fill it all in one day! This makes it highly appealing. Garages hold many different uses in our houses...from a dumping ground for garden equipment, old toys and bikes to gyms, laundry rooms and, of course, what they were designed for, housing your pride and joy.

Most garages are not heated, and although the structure offers some protection, heating would offer much more. Heating with a radiator isn't practical, as the heat is best from the floor to stop damp and rising beneath your vehicle, but with uniform dissipation of heat, Fast Fit Flooring is perfect.

You only have to run it on a very low temp, to take the chill out of the air if you want, or only on frosty days and because the pipework is near the surface and has the all over aluminium layer, it warms up exceptionally quickly unlike heating a 100mm screed floor.        


Many houses have conservatories that are unusable in the winter due to no heating and dampness; often, underfloor heating was a cost out of budget.

 All this can be easily changed with Fast Fit Heated Flooring. Turn it on and off when required for all-around use.  

Temporary Buildings/Sheds

If required, it could be used quickly by not securing the tongue and groove with standard practice glue; it could be left screwing the top layer down to the bottom, creating a heated area. this could be used in a Wedding Marquee or show/event stand, with a generator, to encourage penitential customers to stay longer!