Joist Systems

The New kid on the block - The Fast Fit Joist System.

Our Fast Fit Joist system is our pioneering product. It incorporates 22mm caber floor, 0.5mm aluminium diffuser layer, Pert-Al-Pert Pipe and an innovative top layer suitable for all floor coverings.

From your floor plans, we design the underfloor heating system to suit heat loads and heat sources. We then break this plan down into panels, where it then goes through CNC to manufacture your custom underfloor heating system.

Changing the way underfloor heating is fitted.

This system can be laid directly to joists, as it incorporates the structural flooring. Pipework is then laid into the board back to the manifold. Once pressure testing has been finalised, the top layer is then fixed on top.

The top layer has the pipe runs marked onto it, ensuring that the risk of pipes being punctured is omitted. This enables a safe, fast and efficient option for underfloor heating. We prove the top layer as either 5.5mm Ply, suitable for all floor coverings other than tile.

Alternatively, in areas that are to be tiled, we use a 6mm tile backer board that is again marked with the pipe runs. The tile backer board is fixed using screws with special wafer washers.

This system can also be used as an overlay system onto existing floorboards or concrete.

Our systems are supplied with pipe and manifolds, including A-rated pumps. In addition, we provide Heatmiser Neo V2 controllers as standard. Please feel free to send us your floor plans, and we will be more than happy to price your project for you.