We are a water-based heated flooring manufacturer, with the objective of producing a cost-effective and simple installation of the heated floor. Making underfloor heating a viable option in every project is our ethos.

Our Systems are perfect for new builds, existing properties, upstairs, downstairs, conservatories, garages, cellars and more.

We offer our systems as supply only or full supply and installation packages.

All our systems are designed to be compatible with any heat source and enable a speedy, simple installation on any floor. Our range of systems can cater to any floor type. Our systems are supplied direct to site with everything you need for the installation.

Why choose Fast Fit Heated Flooring?

  • Completely customised systems to your property. Not a ‘one size fits all’ off the shelf product
  • Specialist direct supplier to the building and plumbing trade, along with homeowners
  • One point of contact throughout your entire project
  • Direct delivery to site for when you require
  • Systems available to suit any floor construction
  • Full design and support from start to finish
  • Complete systems, with all accessories required
  • Send us the plans of your projects by e-mail, and we’ll send a quote to you within 24 Hours (Monday to Friday)

Complete systems for all floors

We have systems that enable underfloor heating to be quickly and easily installed on all types of floors, with any type of floor covering applied on top

We design systems to suit all types of heat sources; including gas boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and wood pellet boilers.

Our systems come complete with all the parts you need. Including; smart room thermostats, manifolds, CAD plans, full floor systems and pipe, meaning you don’t have to waste time finding separate suppliers.

Meet The Team

John Purnell- Managing Director/ Owner

John has a highly experienced back ground in manufacturing processes. Starting off as a Electro mechanical engineer in the printing industry, he built up a lot of valuable knowledge into the manufacturing process. He formed Fast Fit Heated Flooring Ltd in December 2018 after seeing a gap in the market for cost effective, efficient and time saving underfloor heating. He undertook an experiment at his own property, hand routing the pipework into his existing floor. After trial and error, he discovered that he could implement this into CNC and produce custom underfloor heating for all properties, no matter the size or shape, and thus, The Fast Fit Joist System was born.

In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his two children, meeting with friends and
family and anything related to food.

Reece Smith- Sales and Business Development Manager.

Reece is our in-house technical man. With a wealth of knowledge in the plumbing and heating industry, he manages all the estimating, developing new clients, technical support and manages all of our projects. A heat pump engineer by trade, he has a strong understanding and interest in energy efficient heating and energy saving measures. Reece Joined the team at the end of 2021, and has since helped to build the company and develop new relationships with developers and contractors, helping us reach a wider target audience for the underfloor heating market.

In his spare time, Reece enjoys spending time with his daughter and socialising with friends

Ross Alderton- Production Manager

Ross is our production manager, a key member of the Fast Fit Team. He runs our factory, which is where all the magic happens. He ensures that every job is produced to the same exacting standards. If Ross doesn’t like the look of something, then he will redo it and adjust it until hedoes, making sure the client receives the highest quality products available. A king of the CNC world, he overseas the production of each and every board that comes off the production line.

In his spare time, Ross enjoys spending time with his family, good food, good beer and the odd bit of train spotting here and there.

Aidan Dixon- Installer

Aidan was the first installer to come into the Fast Fit Family. With a background in air conditioning, he decided to make the switch to underfloor heating 2.5 years ago. He has a strong passion for underfloor heating and loves being out on the tools installing. He’s a dedicated member of the team, never afraid of early mornings and late nights.

In his spare time, Aidan enjoys watching and playing football and supporting his son at his local football club. He’s also a bit of a night owl, with a love and passion for the night life and great music.


Stress-free service, direct to site

We deliver direct to site, when you want it, so no travelling to the local merchant to collect it.
From start to finish you will deal with one person, who can chat about different options, solve problems for you, and is available to speak with you on the phone regarding your project.

For your convenience, a delivery date can be arranged for a day of your choice, this is because, at Fast fit Heated Flooring, we understand space is at a premium whilst carrying out renovation or upgrade work on your home.

On delivery your Fast Fit Heated Flooring panels are clearly numbered for laying position. This will relate to a drawing supplied for ease of installation. If different areas or rooms are being supplied clear labels or colour coding are used to differentiate this.

All deliveries are corner protected and wrapped to ensure the product turns up in an undamaged condition,

Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Fit Heated Floorings pipework is close to the surface, incorporating an 0.5mm aluminium plate heat dissipation layer, covering the whole floor, this makes it very efficient.

The floor is made to accommodate 16mm pipe, which is perfect for boilers and heat pumps. We can manufacture in a range of pipe centres, to suit project needs, even incorporating reduced pipe centres in high heat loss areas, such as bi-fold doors.

The majority of other underfloor heating methods require an uneconomical amount of time to install on-site, often stopping other trades from progressing whilst being performed. In turn, increasing build time =  increased costs. 

 As FFHF the majority of the work is done 'offsite' prior to work commencing (about 80%). It can be laid very quickly and easily, allowing other trades back in if a new build or extension, or the room use back to normal if in an existing property. 

If FFHF is installed in a build where a new floor and heating are needed anyway, the cost and time of a standard floor and heating install can be offset by the cost of FFHF. So when you do the maths, it is very cost-effective.           

As FFHF is so easy to install, the average DIY'er could install, saving on installation costs. A Plumber/Gas Safe Engineer is only required on connection to the boiler or heat source.                                                                                               

FFHF is very energy efficient and can run using lower boiler water temperatures.

The Underfloor Heating system has a fast heat-up time, making it perfect for the modern energy-efficient house, helping achieve energy saving targets.

When used in conjunction with alternative energy sources, like the ground or air heat pumps etc., it becomes ultra-efficient, but, even using a conventional boiler, significant savings can be made.

  • Providing the most comfortable dissipation of heat in your home.
  • The temperature of water from your boiler, needed to heat your home is reduced.
  • Possible to heat from renewable energy sources.
  • It can be run off a conventional heating system, at a much lower cost than a standard radiator system.
  • No radiators....this means the room layout is more in your control and gives you more space.
  • No radiators or pipework for children to come in contact with.
  • Greater heating control room to room, with the added benefits of mobile phone control for room temperature, timing and on/off.
  • Enhances the overall look of the room by removing ugly radiators.